Father to Son

This poem Mother to Son, written by Langston Hughes could have very well been Father to Son. "Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair." This Father’s Day, June 2021 I am choosing to show my brother full of life, swimming with his son. He like so many young dads has completed his earthly journey.

God reminds us during these painful times that he is still our Alpha and Omega.
This Father’s Day, let us look at our men and soften our gaze. As they turn to walk out the door, pray over their backs. If they call to say hello, let them be greeted with tenderness. Our men who have the shortest life expectancy of all the races need us to love them.


The Beautiful Struggle: A Memoir 

Coates details with candor the challenges of dealing with his tough-love father, the influence of his mother, and the dynamics of his extended family, including his brother "Big Bill," who was on a very different path than Ta-Nehisi. Coates also tells of his struggles at school and with girls, making this a timely story to which many readers will relate.

Book Excerpt: Barnes & Noble


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