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COVID-19 Pandemic and Dental Care for Children

COVID-19 Pandemic and Dental Care for Children

The pandemic has affected many aspects of the lives of children. One important health area is dental care. Children with special needs such as autism, cerebral palsy, and downs syndrome must get specialized dental care that often requires sedation. Good dental care in children is important.

6 in 10 parents have attempted to get their child preventive dental care during the COVID-19 crisis, with a majority able to schedule appointments in a timely manner and a quarter landing their appointment after a delay, according to the national poll by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan.

Parents of Medicaid dental beneficiaries (15%) were more than three times as likely as private dental-insurance holders (4%) to report not being able to make an appointment, found the survey of 1,882 parents with at least one child aged 3 to 18.

“Because many dentists do not accept Medicaid payment, it often is difficult for parents to get dental care for their Medicaid-covered child outside the pandemic,” the report’s authors wrote. “Some Medicaid-enrolled children receive preventive dental services through school or public dental clinics, but those services have decreased during the pandemic.”




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