Kendra Outler, MD, MPH
Founder & CEO

When I thought of what to name this project, I thought of the line by the songstress Mary J Blige…If you looked into my life and see what I see. The melody and the words make so much sense. My life is all that I really can know and the same for us as a collective. I looked up the word for Life and saw UZIMA. UZIMA means full of life in Swahili.

The children of the diaspora, Black Americans, through our journey as slaves, freedmen and citizens have always made the best of life. I remember watching the monumental series Roots with the birth of babies throughout the generations; there was always a celebration of life.



Fact: Black women have the highest maternal morbidity and mortality than any other racial group.  

LATEST INTERVIEW: Children’s Mental Health

Uzima’s Founder Dr. Kendra Outler and Clinical & Forensic Neuropsychologist, Dr. Sonal Pancholi discuss the current state of online learning, children’s mental health, behavior and the importance of cognitive testing. 


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